Nutrition: The Cause Of The Office Workers Demise

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, writer, or technology mogul, chances are you spend a lot of time in an office.At home, at work, it makes no difference.I can remember back to my college years when I was working out twice a day and at my peak in athletic performance. I was energetic, in amazing shape and ruthless in the kitchen.Then once life hit me and I started working more, my body changed. Or should I call it morphed into something different.My eating habits got worse, my workout habits took a plunge and the spare tire around my waist began to inflate.Not only was I getting fatter, my energy level stunk, my neck was always sore and I was damn near exhausted all day long.I could feel that having low energy at work was sucking my creative juices.Does this sound familiar?Well, it shouldn’t be this way. Let’s first take a look at the biggest contributing factors.And To Think It Couldn’t Get Any WorseLets face it.Your nutrition habits stink. I can almost bet that the most damage happens later in the day as stress builds.The cold hard truth is what you put in your mouth from when you wake up to when you go to bed affects you.The most obvious outcome is how your nutrition habits effect you physically. Your posture begins to get sloppy, you get chubby in odd places and your mobility declines. Can you touch your toes while standing? On one leg can you bring your other knee to a 45 degree angle past your hip? Or can you get in a full squat with heels on the ground?Nutrition affects your body composition, energy and your ability to live actively. It effects you physically in so many ways.Your nutrition habits also effect your mental capacity. Maybe you’ve become very forgetful or you have a sense of blurry thoughts, which is better known as brain fog. Or worst of all your creative thought is no longer available for your use. Your mental capacity has tanked and your brain feels like mush. All caused from your poor diet.According to a recent study, school aged children (6-12 years of age) were given a micronutrient drink mix, 396 children in Australia and 394 children in Indonesia. The results showed higher scores on tests that measured verbal intelligence and learning and memory after 6 and 12 months in both boys and girls in Australia, but in only girls in Indonesia.And if finding out that you’re losing your mental capacity wasn’t enough, nutrition effects you emotionally. Have you ever been so hungry you wanted to run through a wall? Or maybe you were so hungry that you snapped at a colleague, employee or spouse. Poor nutrition is an emotional killer. According to a study in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry,”… the dietary intake pattern of the general population in many Asian and American countries reflects that they are often deficient in many nutrients, especially essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. A notable feature of the diets of patients suffering from mental disorders is the severity of deficiency in these nutrients.”Poor nutrition is also a productivity killer. It’s estimated the productivity loss cost employers two to three times the annual healthcare expenses. Plain and simple, if you have low energy at work your productivity will suffer.But you’re not doomed forever…The good news is that all the underlying issues from your poor nutrition happens are reversible by correcting these bad habits. This is why I created my nutrition coaching program. I want to increase productivity in the workplace and nutrition is where I start.You first need to start slow. Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s the small wins that lead to the greatest victory. Try these simple strategies to make better nutrition choices.

Don’t store junk food in your desk and avoid the vending machine.

Have fun cooking delicious meals the night before and pack the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Avoid unnecessary carbohydrates. You’re not an athlete so stay away from them.

Eat high quality fat. This will support your energy needs and brain function.

Eat protein.

Take a mug full of green juice for throughout the day.
A lot of people somehow translate quality of life to stuffing their face full of junk. But with a sound nutrition plan I will be a badass in my profession, feel great doing it and build long-lasting relationships in the process. And I know you will too.If you’re always achy, tired and unmotivated your growth as a human being is limited.If you need further help honing in on your nutrition habits I highly recommend a nutrition coach. They have years of experience and can cater their program to your individualized needs. Time is money and it’ll take you decades to gain the knowledge they’ve acquired. Just let them do the work for you.Just remember eating healthy isn’t hard, getting started is.How has your nutrition habits effected you at work? Comment below.

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Is Good Mental Health Equal To Good Mood?

The impression that good mental health is equal to permanent good mood prevails in the world. We are constantly trying to be happy.We want to have many material pleasures and we don’t want to become sad for any reason. We want to avoid pain.Good mental health in our historical time is basically defined as a state of permanent good mood, as if this was a reasonable expectation.The modern civilization is characterized by indifference, frivolity, and superficiality, in parallel with poverty and terror.We live in a crazy world where nobody knows the real meaning of sound mental health. We believe that good mental health is a state of happiness based on having infinite material pleasures and social power, even when we are false.We believe that falsity is indispensable in every social relationship, without considering it a deficiency.We concentrate all our attention on the way we feel, on our material reality, and on our lives on earth. We believe that a person is mentally healthy when they are happy with their material life and they not annoyed by sadness and worries. We associate happiness to financial success, sex, and prestige.Making money seems to be the main objective of every human being on earth. This purpose defines the meaning of life for the hypocritical modern civilization.Our civilization distorted the meaning of spirituality, transforming it into a materialistic and selfish philosophy of life that has no signs of religion in it. The greed that characterizes our population distorted the meaning of everything on behalf of the satisfaction of making a lot of money, and having everything that the material world can give to the human being.The commercial world distorts so many things in our lives with attempts to make money regardless the problems it creates for every individual, that we are killing one another through many different ways only in order to make money.Ironically, those who should protect our mental health and gives us hope became marketers who are in fact generating mental health problems to the population. This is a shocking situation that proves the satanic origin of the human conscience. Only demons could have such behavior.Psychiatric drugs are sold in order to generate mental disorders and permanent dependency. This is a satanic conspiracy.Many people cannot believe that psychiatrists could mislead the population and have financial advantages thanks to the commissions they receive from the pharmaceutical companies for promoting their dangerous products, without thinking about the mental health of the human race. However, this is what is happening.Our doctors are more mentally ill than their patients.There are no normal human beings on earth. There are only actors who pretend to be human.This means that even though we believe that we are intelligent and we admire our achievements, we are in fact dangerous and idiotic monsters.The commercial world tries to cover this truth and indifferently promote its products, but the truth cannot be completely hidden.Good mental health is not equal to good mood. Good mental health depends on developing your intelligence and sensitivity, and on having a wise attitude in all situations.God sends you therapeutic dreams while you are sleeping because when you are not awake you don’t listen to the thoughts of your satanic anti-conscience, and you don’t pay attention to the misleading outside world.You have to believe in God’s revelations and surpass the erroneous concepts of the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization. You have to be afraid of your freedom because you are my student. You know that your own conscience is idiotic and your satanic anti-conscience is too powerful. You have to be afraid of your decisions.You must prefer to obey the divine guidance like me, even if you will hate everything you will have to do in order to become a perfect human being.Everything is hard and dangerous in our world. You have to be with God if you don’t want to be with Satan.You cannot have a neutral attitude.Instead of trusting the mental health treatments and the philosophy of life of the hypocritical world, you have to believe in the importance of your psychological and spiritual transformation through dream translation, and respect your religion.

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Project Management Skills Come From Adequate Training

Project management staff can be encountered throughout large corporations in almost every department. Operations managers may sometimes perceive project management as less important than regular business operations. Managers are the individuals that take notes, write reports, prepare presentations and keep projects running smoothly. They often perform these duties but project managers’ overall responsibilities are much more important, requiring sophisticated preparation, and all management staff may benefit from a course or two in project management training.Basic training will help management understand the complexities of managing major undertakings, even if they do not opt for full project manager certification. The models that govern special ventures provide tools such as time management, problem solving, people management, flow-charting and many other skills that are beneficial to all managers in an organization. Specialized software can help provide solutions to typical management problems.Operations leaders may fail to appreciate the importance of skills for managing projects correctly. They feel that the effort is a duplication of work already performed by others. The truth, however, is that these managers are appointed to head specific temporary projects that have been identified as vital to corporate health by senior management officials. At every level, managers need the training to perform their duties in order that the undertakings they supervise will achieve their goals.Training in managing projects is generally quite comprehensive and will enable managers to solve problems and allocate resources and personnel effectively to achieve budgetary goals or improve a company’s return on its investments. Business models will provide tools that help managers solve problems that develop in any business undertaking and keep progress on track. They will be able to implement changes that steer things more closely to the desired outcome.Many regular company managers feel they know how to solve these kinds of problems based on their experience and knowledge of the company and its clients. Even the best managers can draw erroneous conclusions when they attempt to solve problems outside of a structured methodology that considers all the consequences of one action on other areas impacting business ventures. Sometimes the moist experienced managers are most susceptible to this erroneous kind of thinking. Their experience and knowledge in one area blinds them to repercussions an action may have somewhere else. Snap decisions can be costly mistakes when all parameters are not considered.Project management training provides a structured way of considering problems and seeking solutions that advance the ultimate outcomes that are desired. The analysis may seem tedious, but careful consideration can pinpoint the best solution before unnecessary expenses are incurred and valuable time wasted. Operations managers may not need all the steps and tools formal training provides, but can benefit from increased organization. They will be better able to achieve their own objectives or exceed goals.

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